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writing set of reed

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This project is based on a society where time is important and less time is spend on the daily actions. To bring the attention back to these actions, I invented this kit, where the purpose is to take time to make your own pen and go back to basics.  

This kit includes a case made from reed, four sticks from reed, a preformed pen of reed, a knife and an inkvessel with black natural ink. By making these pens yourself, it referes to the first  pen ever made in 2000 b.C. The action that’s made by making a pen is the same as they did back in the days. 

Action: The knife is used to make a curved end on the pen. The first time will always fail so time must be taken to practice the action. Afterwards, the pen should be dipped into the inkvessel to write on paper. 

Dipping a pen in ink is an action we don’t see a lot these days. Therefore the inkvessel is included in the kit.

To come to the right composition of the ink, there was a whole proces of trial and error in advance. The ink is based on a natural recipe they used back in the days. The final composition is made from coal, honey, vinegar and water. Before it will be used, the inkwell must be shaken. The cap is also made from reed and recycled paper.