Hello! I'm Elyse Swelsen and here you can see some of my projects.  Enjoy!

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biodegradable urn

Return is a result from research, more specific material research.  This material exists from thrown away rose petals, mixed with agar agar, causing the material to be biodegradable once it comes into the sea. 

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copper mask

Messy M. is a mask which is made from a copper wire.

The design is very random and chaotic which stands for the thoughts in my head while I'm brainstorming.

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urn 1.png
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wooden chair

C³ is a chair that's made from wood only by using a pin and hole connection. The design is inspired by the asymmetry seen in nature. 

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Quality time originated out of research from elements that fail. Time is an important data in this society. The reeden set lets people dwell on writing, just like they did 4000 years ago.


writing set of reed

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sustainable shop system

Susy is a combination of a circular system and reusable products wich will be used in grocery stores. This is a handsfree alternative for single use packaging. 

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different materials

beton 3.png

Experimenting with materials is something that keeps me busy: finding out how to make them, finding out new compositions of the materials and using it in a product.

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