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different materials

beton 3.png

This concrete plate is made in the workshop 
Concrete object led by the Belgian company Sment.

The concrete is made from sand, cement, granulate, water and pigment. These were blended in such a way that there arose a marble effect.

The material is very sustainable and the product could be used for multiple functions.

beton 1.png
beton 2.png
experiment bioplastiek 2.png

This candleholder is made in the workshop Foam design led by the designer Marian van Aubel. It included a lot of experimenting with bioplastics and bioresin to come to new materials.

The material from this candleholder is made from wood chips and bioplastics, all natural materials.

It was very interesting to experiment with these materials and I will do it again in the nearby future.

kaarsenhouder 2.png
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