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Susy arose from research about the polution of canals and the single use packaging in grocery stores. There are too many single use packaging ending up in nature which harm the animals and biodiversity. Susy is a way to end this.

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Susy is a combination of a system and reusable products which make it possible to eliminate single use packaging throughout the whole supply chain. It's a project which functions within a circular economy.  

This is how de circular system works with methods from a circular economy. Susy uses three methods namely Reuse, Repair and Recycle. All the products which are produced, can be reused and repaired and/or recycled.

The first products of Susy are the reusable packaging. They are made from the recyclable material Tritan Renew. Inside is an NFC tag which contains the information about the product that's inside. The NFC tag can communicate with your smartphone so you can see the ingredients, the weight, the cost etc. 


There is a difference in packaging with edible products and non edible products. The packaging is transparent with edible products, so it's easy to see what's inside. It's opaque with non edible products. There is a color code to know what is inside. For exaple, the detergent for black laundry has a black cap. That way the products can not be swapped. 

The dispenser is located at the grocery store. Inside is the container which contains the edible and non edible products. The dispenser recognizes the reusable packaging when it's close enough because of the NFC tag so it gives the right amount of the product. While the packaging gets filled, the consumer gets feedback through the screen. The dispenser shares the information about the product with the NFC tag in the packaging. This way the consumers only need to touch their packaging, not the screen or the dispenser

To make sure the people get something in return for using Susy, they can collect points with every purchase. This way they can enjoy discounts on the available products from Susy. The points can be seen on the Susy app